2017 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Rural Sustainable Design / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Urban Sustainable Design, Gold in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Rural Sustainable Design
  • Company
    LoftCube GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Werner Aisslinger
  • Design Team
    Christian Friedrich
  • Client
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Imagine a place, where your spirit can fly & the
windows are 360° wide. A place where you can
relax, work & share life with your friends.
An exclusive mobile loft, attractive & convenient. A
cocoon on the inside merging with the natural
surroundings. Futuristic architecture, space enough
for air and light, cosy warmth & innovative
technology, functional design, high-quality
materials, lightweight & quick to install.

Photo Credit: Loftcube Gmbh