2017 / Home Interior Products / Materials and surfaces / Professional

Li Xinyuan

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Materials and surfaces
  • Company
    The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
  • Lead Designer
    Li Xinyuan
  • Design Team
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This group of works used a technique of the complex dyeing
with rare earth materials. The dyeing of rare earth mixed
with resin , and dyed layer after layer, then created a rich
sense of texture of ink blooming effects . Piles of mountains,
with the light emitting properties of rare earth , make the
unique charm of oriental landscape.

Other prizes
Awards,2013 Gold Award for 2013 National Textile Design Competition ; Gold Award,CAA Graduate Design Award and “LINFENGMIAN “Award; Award Finalist of International Patterns Design Competition for 2013; 2015 Works "light of the film" won the ninth "creative China" design contest first prize; Works "Luminous cement fabric - application of new materials for interior soft decoration> Awarded by "Ali - Geek" Excellence Award;Accomplishment,2012 Works " China rhyme streamer " Participate in ‘fight for art’ exhibition ; 2013 Works " luxury" to participate in 2013 National Seminar and Exhibition International Textile Works " time travel " to participate in Graduate Design Exhibition of CAA in 2013 ; Works " time travel " participate in " 2013 Second International trade show college graduation ." Works "TIME-TRAVEL" participate in 2013 International patterns Design Competition Exhibition; Works " fiber - light" to participate in 2013 West Lake International Art Fair derivatives industry; Works "TIME-TRAVEL" to participate in the Chinese Cultural Center in Moscow 2013 "beyond history and physical - China Silk Contemporary Art Exhibition"2015 Works "Landscape of the Wind" to participate in 2016 London 100% design exhibition

Photo Credit: The Guangzhou Academy Of Fine Arts