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Zyliss Mandoline

  • Company
    Sanders Design Associates Ltd
  • Director
    Matthew Blofeld
  • Design Team
    Julian Sanders

With consumers and retailers alike requiring innovation to make food preparation both quicker and more convenient, products in the slicing and grating categories have always been in high demand. This Spring, sees the introduction of the new Zyliss Multi-Prep Mandoline. It follows a period of intensive research into how consumers process slicing and grating tasks in the home. This is Zyliss’ safest and most advanced Mandoline to date. This completely self contained, multi-function product incorporates a number of enhanced safety features, including ‘push-button’ activated pop-up julienne blades, easy clean sliding plates, safety lock and patented SmoothGlide™ food holder. The latter is fixed to the body via a sliding guide rail, which delivers a smooth controlled cutting action for a variety of food types and ensures that hands are kept well away from the cutting surfaces. It also features a built-in ‘feed tube’ for longer foods such as carrots and cucumbers. Sanders Design was selected to undertake this project based on their extensive experience in the ‘housewares’ field. The project began by firstly evaluating the very best products on the market, and reviewing consumer feedback with the aim of establishing a list of “must have” features for the new product. The outcome of this exercise was a design brief that set Sanders a challenging specification of features and requirements with the focus on creating a “Best in Class” product. What followed was a twelve-month design and development programme that began with Sanders creating working prototypes and test models to evaluate the effectiveness of all required features and functional elements in context, and then establishing the optimum space envelope for the product. Multiple prototyping and development stages were undertaken, followed by the development of the aesthetics and finally the creation of a comprehensive package of CAD data for export to manufacture.

Photo Credit: Sanders Design Associates Ltd