2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop / Professional

Eshly Deli Box Storage System

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop, Bronze in Design for Society/Eco-Sustainable Design
  • Company
    Atelier Britta Knüppel, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Britta Knüppel
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ESHLYis a food box system made of pure ash wood
and with a soul just as pure: Being a true natural
product it is free of chemical additives and plasticisers.
Eshly's design is beautiful and well thought out: It
serves as a lunch box and as a food storage container
in one.
As a lunch box it looks great everywhere: Stacked on
the shelves at home, used as a bowl on the table or the
picnic blanket, as well as in your bag or on your desk
safely held together by the biological rubber band.
Other than Japanese bento boxes it is stackable.

Used as a food storage box, unlike conventional
containers, it is also very convenient if you are on the
move. Opened up it changes into two bowls which can
be used for eating. It is light, stable, versatile and
weighs no more than a box made of stainless steel.
Eshly is perfect for all kinds of solid, dry and semi-dry
food (such as vegetables/fruit, bread, nuts, egg, rice,
pasta etc.).

Eshly's Ecological Soul:
Eshly is made of pure ash wood and has a soul just as
pure: Being a true natural product it is free of chemical
additives and plasticisers. From packaging to the
product: Eshly is a completely plastic-free product,
which consists of environmentally friendly and high
quality components, and it is fully compostable. All
parts can be re-ordered individually. Other than boxes
made of plastic or stainless steel Eshly consists solely
of materials compatible with the environment and is
part of an infinite life cycle.
The box did not have to travel far; it is manufactured in
Germany where it is turned from one single piece of
European ash wood (no composites), sanded and
carefully covered with

Other prizes
Winner German design Award 2016 Selection Green Product Award 2016

Photo Credit: Atelier Britta Knüppel