2017 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Professional

Picard desk

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Company
    Regular Company, Croatia
  • Lead Designer
    Ruder Novak-mikulic
  • Design Team
    Marija Ruzic Marinko Murgic Tihomir Filipec
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photography: Marija Gasparovic

The form of the desk is inspired by classic
writing desks, reinterpreted in the spirit of
new technological possibilities like 5-axis
cnc carving in combination with artisanal
handwork. It consists of two parts; the soft
body and distingtive legs that are embracing
it. The legs are also dismantable.

Photo Credit: Regular Company
Credits: Photography: Marija Gasparovic