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  • Director
    Neil Poulton For Artemide
  • Design Team

"Scopas" design by neil poulton for Artemide, 2013. Created through the repetition of a simple module, this LED suspension lamp is an incomplete sphere - a fragmented shell around an open, hollow center. LED technology has no need to mimic archaic lighting typologies and the lamp's "incompleteness" draws attention to the total absence of a traditional light source or bulb at it's center - the LED light sources are in the shell itself. Like the Death Star of the Empire in Star Wars, immobile in space, its apparent incompleteness is contrasted with its technical efficiency, ever changing in form depending on the viewer's position. design by neil poulton for Artemide 2013 Manufacturer : Artemide, Italy. MATERIALS: Aluminium, methacrylate, ABS

Photo Credit: Neil Poulton For Artemide