2017 / Home Interior Products / Lighting / Professional


  • Company
    Burkhard Dämmer Design, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Burkhard Dämmer
  • Client
    Lzf Lamps
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With roots in nature and science, the
Dandelion Pendant is a bloom of bright, LED
light, designed by Burkhard Dammer for LZF. A
piece that combines technology, originality,
natural veneer and LZF’s signature style into
one dramatic piece.

It all started with a book: Ernst Haeckels’
drawings in „Kunstformen der Natur" from
1899. The designer saw the zoologist’s
artwork in an exhibition on Darwin at a
museum in Frankfurt. He was impressed by the
beauty of the microorganisms represented in
the drawings. As often found in nature,
beauty is based on symmetry, and he wanted to
turn the beauty of these microorganisms into
a large light object.

It may look like it came from nature, but the
Dandelion design has roots in molecular science.
In search for a technical way of making the
lamp, the designer came upon renowned
inventor Buckminster Fuller, a master of
symmetry. The form of his fullerene molecule
forms the grid of the Dandelion Pendant.
Regarding to the form of the fullerene, the
Dandelion is made up of 31 individual lamps.
Dandelion can be considered as one single
lamp or a combination of lamps. Inside, every
shade several LED circuits are hidden, and
can be lit to meet the requirements of the
room and the time of day.

Outside, the LZF wood veneer enfolds every
geometrical shape, like cones sinking at
different depths into the heart of Dandelion.
The result is a very original lamp, a
geometric puzzle of light which resembles one
of the most basic forms of life.

Technical Data
Size: ø 85 cm
Material: natural wood veneer, acrylic,
aluminum core
Light source: 31 COB LEDs
Color: 8 different colors in ash veneer, plus
Cherry- and beach wood

Photo Credit: Burkhard Dämmer Design