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Gap-light 光-隙

  • Company
    Tsang Ching Pun (perfect Interior Arcitecture)
  • Director
    Tsang Ching Pun

Erupting volcano, bright light was constantly ejected from the cracks on the earth, this shocking scene gave the inspiration for the design of the lamp. This simple design has a long oval-shaped appearance, the light breaks through the obstacles using its own power of nature and leaves two cracks there. The strong light is projected through from the gaps and then the lines of the ellipsoid structure, so that the light in the vertical spatial position of the lamp left many changing light and shadow. This design not only to have a clear light irradiation direction, the and also to make light has a rich three-dimensional sense of depth, leaving space presents a diverse atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Tsang Ching Pun (perfect Interior Arcitecture)