Gold 2017 / Home Interior Products / Lighting / Professional


  • Company
    Studio Lieven
  • Director
    Nina Lieven
  • Design Team

inMOOV Foldable lamp in black or white. The unique feature of this lamp is its ability to folds itself inside out. Through this movement of the lampshade it is possible to regulate the intensity and the direction of the light. The fully opened lamp creates a soft light directed to the ceiling. The folded lamp creates more focused and warm light that illuminates the space underneath it.The inspiration for the inMOOV lamp comes from the movements in nature such as flowers opening or jellyfish swimming. I wanted to transfer this fascinating movement into a living space. For the body of the lamp, inspired by the Invertible Cube of Paul Schatz, I invented the Invertible Disc that can fold itself in and out. The body of the lamp is fitted with LED strips of maximum luminous flux of 1200 lm. Users adjust position of the lamp’s body by hand. By doing so they can choose light colour changes form 3500 when it is open to 2500 Kelvin when it is closed.

Photo Credit: Studio Lieven
Credits: photos by Simon Vollmeyer and James Weldon Illustration by Nina Lieven