2017 / Home Interior Products / Lighting / Professional

Triple Kick

  • Prizes
    Gold in Home Interior Products/Lighting, Gold in Illumination/Designer Lighting
  • Company
    Volker Haug, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Volker Haug
  • Design Team
    Volker Haug, Fletcher Barns, Amy Lindner, Kohtaroh Matsuura, Bronte Stolz, Abde Nouamani, Meagan Streader
  • Project Link

The Triple Kick provides an unassuming twist on the traditional
‘cord and bulb’ pendant, combining structural lines with refined
materials and craftsmanship. This sophisticated fixture
minimizes materiality while maximizing presence in both a
playful and surprising, yet functional design.

The design concept behind the Triple Kick considers the
progression of the line from a single point of origin, to form an
interesting interplay between intersections and cross sectional
views. The luminaire eliminates superfluous elements
attributed to traditional perceptions of decorative lighting in
order to consciously reduce material wastage.

The Triple Kick is made from brass and steel substrates that
are fabricated using a combination of traditional metal spinning
and modern machining methods. The linear frames are braised
together and connected via braided metal or fabric cables, with
a ceiling mount that counter-balances the intersecting arms
below. Finishing applications incorporate polishing, linishing,
bronzing and enameling. Componentry is assembled by hand to
ensure the utmost care and quality.

The Triple Kick is unique in that it involves the client in the
design process throughout the selection of finishes and also in
the configuration. This pendant is a modular, customizable
design that can be composed in a variety of configurations
allowing for the creation of personalized lighting arrangements.

Alongside his highly skilled team, Volker Haug creates the
Triple Kick at his studio in Melbourne, Australia. The studio
adopts a village industry approach by handcrafting products to
establish a personal connection between the maker and the
material. Volker Haug engages local suppliers and artisans in
the aim of supporting the community that likewise invests in
the livelihood of the Studio.

Photo Credit: Volker Haug