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Binary(acousto-optic speaker)

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Consumer Electronics and Cameras
  • Company
    Hangzhou Bocheng Industrial Design Co,Ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    Haoruo Liang
  • Design Team
    Zhang dong,Bu yungen
  • Client
    Beying Tech Inc

The Binary is a product that combines audio and lighting.The body is made of all-aluminum CNC system, and the surface is anodized to provide a smooth and comfortable feeling and a simple appearance. On the different two sides are the audio module and the lighting module, which can be connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and the lighting module can be linked with music or used alone as lighting. We offer free white noise album on relevant app to help you relax and sleep. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a controller to control music, lighting and other operations.

Photo Credit: Hangzhou Bocheng Industrial Design Co,ltd