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Country Pick 2022 / / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Aircraft/Aerospace
  • Company
    Happy Design Studio, France
  • Lead Designer
    Didier Wolff
  • Design Team
    Didier WOLFF
  • Client

Deeply inspired by the new ACJ Two Twenty, Didier WOLFF, CEO and designer of HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO, imagined a particularly striking livery, highlighting the natural energy and exceptional performance of this new aircraft. This livery is created around four diagonal black powerful lines which firmly rest like a frame on the front curve of the ACJ's belly fairing, born from a black shape underlining the cockpit from the front. 
As for the colors, five shades of green and a light blue guide the eyes towards the drift and thus unify the general perception of the livery.   

Other prizes
EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2018 / GOLD WINNER Yacht & Aviation Design Award 2018 / Shortlisted Yacht & Aviation Design Award 2016 / Shortlisted German Design Award 2015 / Special Mention Iconic Design Award 2014 / Communication / WINNER Yacht & Aviation Design Award 2014 / WINNER Good Design Award 2014 / WINNER "A" Design Award 2014 / WINNER International Design Award (IDA) 2013 / WINNER Gold Red Dot Design Award 2013 / Shortlisted Trophée Régional Export 2013 / WINNER

Photo Credit: Happy Design Studio