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Country Pick 2022 / / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Other Products designs/Product User Interface Design
  • Company
    Chengdu Xgimi Technology Co.,Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Paul Zheng, David Chen, Bo Sun
  • Design Team
    Qianqian Li, Nianli Fang, Xuman Luo, Ziwei Ming, Xin Qing, Xiadeng Wang, Zhen Wang, Yu Zhang, Hao Wu, Dangdang Sun
  • Project Link

INUI is a combination of ceiling light and projector with a newly designed software system. The feature is to create a sense of borderless space and no screen sense. We have immersive audiovisual experiences and provide content that benefits family time and smart healthy lifestyles. The interface of the system is friendly, clear, and easy to use, quickly taking you into a world of relaxation. In your free time, also give you different entertainment activities that have five types of content atmosphere, cinema, kids, music, and health.
Different types of life, and change your daily life.

Photo Credit: Chengdu Xgimi Technology Co.,ltd.