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Country Pick 2022 / / Professional

HP DesignJet Z Pro Printer

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Other Products designs/Industrial Machines
  • Company
    HP Global Experience Design Group, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Contact: Scott Belliveau
  • Design Team
    HP Global Experience Design Group
  • Client
    HP Inc.
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Nacar Design / Barcelona

The HP DesignJet Z Pro Printer is a commercial inkjet technology large format (LF) printer designed for professional print service providers (PSPs) who offer high-end retail signage, photo reproductions, and fine art reproductions, and for Geographic Information System (GIS) analysts, who provide satellite images, GIS/CAD drawings, and maps. The printer allows media rolls up to 64 inches wide

Making the printer easier to use, the design incorporates front-to-front architecture that focuses important operator control touch points, ink load/unload, to be forward facing on the printer housing

Photo Credit: Hp Global Experience Design Group
Credits: Nacar Design / Barcelona