Country Pick 2021 / / Student

π° Desk

  • Prizes
    Winner in Education/Classroom Design
  • Lead Designer
    Chunmao Wu, Peiyao Huang, Lisiyusi, Xiaozhen Ying
  • Design Team
    Peiyao Huang, Lisiyusi, & Xiaozhen Ying
  • University
    Donghua University

It’s a desk for efficient leaning & fast storage, called “π°”. The purpose is to improve learning efficiency, stimulate students' creativity, and realize the freedom of storage. The creativities are as follows: (a) Efficient learning: press the pop-up desk to paste inspiration notes and place the tablet computer. (b) Desk storage: rotate the entire desktop 85° to achieve fast storage. (c) Desktop storage: the groove on the right of the desktop is convenient for stationery storage. (d) Visual emotion: the side of desk is like a symbol π, Infinite π encourages students to explore the future.

Other prizes
Golden A' Design Award, Red dot Design Award, IF Design Award, IDEA Design Award, Red Star Design Award.

Photo Credit: Chunmao Wu, Peiyao Huang, Lisiyusi, Xiaozhen Ying