Country Pick 2020 / / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Toy Design/Educational Toy
  • Company
    Vladimir Zagorac, Yugoslavia
  • Lead Designer
    Vladimir Zagorac
  • Design Team
    Tijana Sekulić - mentor, Dušan Nešić - mentor
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TriX is a connectable toy which enables virtually unlimited exploration and expression in 3D form. Devised around a complex grid pattern, it can contribute to development of spatial thinking and motor skills, while a small number of parts can encourage creativity. Parts can be used to learn existing shapes or create new characters, while ambiguous symbols assist the child in expressing emotions. Different connotations can be achieved depending on rotation and placement of the parts. This encourages interaction between youngsters and can help develop social skills when used within a group.

Vladimir Zagorac is a product designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. His opus includes projects in the fields of consumer products, electronics, packaging, home and urban furniture. His main field of interest is conceptualizing, structuring and developing products from within. He believes an object form should be thought out and every detail should have a functional reason. He tries to unify universal and timeless aesthetics with smart innovative solutions in every product.

Other prizes
2004. 1st place, Vlatacom competition, Serbia 2008. 3rd place, Armal design Competition, Slovenia 2014. Annual Award for best product design, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Serbia 2017. A' Design Award Silver, Italy 2018. A' Design Award Bronze, Italy 2019. IDA Design Awards Gold, USA 2019. IDA Design Awards Siver, USA 2019. A'Design Award Bronze, Italy 2019. Muse Design Award Gold, USA 2019. Muse Design Award Rose Gold, USA 2020. IDA Design Awards Gold, USA 2020. A'Design Award Silver, Italy 2020. Muse Design Award Silver, USA 2020. Muse Design Award Silver, USA 2020. European Product Design Award, EU 2020. European Product Design Award, EU 2020. European Product Design Award, EU

Photo Credit: Vladimir Zagorac