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Country Pick 2020 / / Professional

MY 34 Weekender

  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Company
    Galeazzi Design, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Giuliano Galeazzi
  • Design Team
    Giuliano Galeazzi, Erik Bio, Carlos Mezzera, Alessandro Vismara
  • Client
    Vismara Marine
  • Project Link

The main objective of the project is to create a fascinating yacht, small but spacious and easy to use, environmentally friendly. The construction is very light, obtained with sustainable materials using flax fibers, cork and ecological epoxy resins; the boat can be equipped with fuel or electric outboard engines. The design characteristics are a glass window running along the entire boat for a continuous view, the integration of the outboard engines at the sides, a hydro-massage pool in the cockpit and the interior design with visible structures and simple modular furniture along the sides.

Photo Credit: Galeazzi Design