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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

360fly 4K | FST

  • Company
    360Fly, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Claudio Ribeiro
  • Design Team
    Michael Harmon, Billy Robertson, Felippe Bicudo, Peter Aloumanis
  • Client
  • Project Link

360° isn’t just a field of view; it’s experiencing everything all around you. The 360fly 4K | FST is designed for racers, and making its debut in each Formula 1 car for the 2018 season. Drivers and fans can experience the race in an immersive way like never before. Viewers can see the track ahead just as the driver does, swipe around to see other cars battling for position, or even explore the environment, crew, or fans. All available to livestream connecting with major platforms like YouTube Live, and Facebook Live in stunning 4K clarity. This is so much bigger than just a camera.

Other prizes
2016 CES Honoree for 360fly4K H 2016 INC Iconic design Award Finalist 2016 iF Design award - V.360° 2015 International Design Awards - SILVER Award for V.360° 2015 A-Design Award SILVER Winner -V.360° 2015 IDEA Featured Finilist - V.alrt 2015 IDEA Featured Finilist - V.360° 2015 Good Design Awards - V.Alrt - Personal Emergency Device 2015 Good Design Awards - V.360° Camera

Photo Credit: 360fly