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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional


  • Company
    B.Product, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Marco Tallarida
  • Design Team
    Marco Tallarida

Lighting creates mood; and mood is the mode of expression and ambience of the environment people indulge in. Modé, meaning “an expression”, is commercial lighting for hospitality and hotels to create the sophisticated setting through minimalist influences. Crafted from the inspirations of bio-luminescent sea creatures, Modé captures that internal shimmer reflection and glow attracting you to the central glow. Designed from strong alloy and customisation to various textures and colours, the Modé aims to effortlessly glide through any interior wanting to create impact.

Other prizes
Red Dot Finalist (2012) - Pulse Heart Monitor International Design Awards (2015) - Pyramid Power Outlet International Design Awards (2016) - Nido Bath Good Design Awards Australia (2017) - Nido Bath LIT Design Awards (2017) - Modé Illumination

Photo Credit: B.product