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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Garden Lantern

  • Company
    Boldsen Design, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Boldsen
  • Project Link

The lantern is inspired of a lantern, used for roadwork in the 1930’s.
Easily clean or replace the glass, as it is partially hold in place by magnets.
Sandblast circles-shaped "glow effect” on the glass.
Extra hot glow, because the inner part of the lantern, have a shiny and warm yellow / orange color (Not on this prototype). Ventilation through top reflect the colored lights beautifully against the colored ceiling.
The handle can be removed if desired, by pressing (spring effect) the handle apart and beyond the mandrel.
Thicker bottom to increase stability in wind.

I am a Danish Industrial Designer. I love to solve new design challenges, that combines function and technology with aesthetics.

Photo Credit: Boldsen Design