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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Condor 100 Power Pack

  • Company
    WMP Creative, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Hugo Martin
  • Design Team
    Rob Moore, Jacob Griffths, Gerard Reusing
  • Client
    Powertraveller International Ltd

Powertraveller specialise in creating portable power products for both consumers & outdoors professionals. Condor 100 is a charger with AC outlet and multi-voltage DC input. Users can simultaneously charge 2 devices such as a laptop and smartphone. It is one of a number of products developed as part of a new and coordinated product identity. Designed to be highly durable, with a space efficient triangular enclosure in extruded aluminium that can be placed either upright or on its side. A lanyard also allows user to hook it to their backpack or to hang it inside a tent or on a tree branch.

Photo Credit: Wmp Creative