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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

The Silence Headboard

  • Company
    Yellow Window NV, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Yellow Window NV
  • Design Team
    Axel Enthoven, Victor Khramov, Recticel Team
  • Client
    Recticel Group

The Silence Headboard features hinged pillows with an acoustic foam which provides a 25% noise reduction. Each pillow is hinged in the middle to allow folding of the left and right sides, & together the trio creates cozy sleeping spaces. The outer pillows can be folded to reduce external noise, while the middle pillow can be folded to isolate sleepers in case of snoring or illness. Designed as a smart, minimal add-on in the context of the headboard construction and highlighted by a quilted felt cover, they serve as a sophisticated visual accent while providing discrete yet effective function.

Photo Credit: Yellow Window Nv