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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional


  • Company
    A.R.Novate, Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Anastasia Gavrilova
  • Design Team
    Anastasia Gavrilova, Rafael Gaynullin
  • Project Link

MovePlace - portable workplace that is easily moved and stored in folded state.
Computer, documents and another things are stored in a special hanging bag, which you can remove and take away.
At the same time the bag carries a visual barrier function, which provides psychological comfort in a public spaces.
The special shape of the table allows the use of various forms of arrangement for the formation of working groups (round table, bench-system, etc.).
MovePlace tables are stored in the upright position on the principle of a bicycle parking, which requires a minimum space.

A.R.NOVATE is a laboratory of innovative projects. We combine industrial and environmental design, interior and architecture, high technologies, sound design, art and scientific research.

Our creative company applies the emotional design and analytical system approach. This allows to generate and realize the most extraordinary ideas, to create really unique and finished solutions.

Other prizes
James Dyson Award, A'Design Award, Design and Design International Award, Design Debut, Interia Awards, Space and Future, Project Next, PinWin.

Photo Credit: A.r.novate