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Country Pick 2018 / / Student

Fine herb

  • Lead Designer
    Yinan Hu
  • University
    Donghua University

This design is aim to create a carton board packaging for people to grow culinary herbs at home. Enriching the lifestyle of urban people by providing a new planting and cooking ritual. This design helps to reduce the waste in the process of distributing the fresh herbs, also it enhances an enjoyable planting experience.The pack contains packs of herb seeds, pots, compost and growing instructions. The packaging itself can transform from a hexagonal shape to three connected parallelogram components through an elegant structure design which can also serve as a home decoration.

A product design student from China who is studying in Donghua University in Shanghai, and will go to Domus academy in Italy to study master degree after graduation.A multidisciplinary designer who enjoy trying out different types of design.,including packaging, furniture and jewelry design. She believe a good design is not only satisfy the needs of user but also give user positive experience or lead a good life-style.

Other prizes
2018 A'design award ——Silver prize 2018 European Product Design Award —— Silver prize

Photo Credit: Yinan Hu