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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Organoid Translucent

  • Company
    Organoid Technologies Gmbh, Austria
  • Lead Designer
    Martin Jehart
  • Project Link

The Organoid® Translucent products are ideal for airy, light and translucent effects for interior or lighting projects. We can use every natural raw material – from Alpine Hay to Swiss Pine. Several carrier materials are available: translucent self-adhesive film, breathable flax backing or even no carrier – just nature. The surface can be applied on different materials or even be backlit. The coating thickness corresponds to the desired translucency. Our gentle production process preserves the natural characteristics of the raw materials regarding scents, colours and haptics.

Organoid Technologies GmbH is a young and innovative company from Austria/Europe. The company’s philosophy is to produce natural surfaces in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.
Organoid® Natural Surfaces are characterized by their naturalness and authenticity. They allow a new experience of natural raw materials through all the senses as the surface is untreated and therefore also the main characteristics regarding optics, scent and haptics are preserved.

Other prizes
AiT Trend Award 2018 interzum award Best of the Best 2017 Adex Award Platinum 2016 RedDot Award 2015 Product Design Iconic Award 2014 Product Best of the Best RedDot Award 2014 Product Design

Photo Credit: Organoid Technologies Gmbh