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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Music 1

  • Company
    Dynaudio, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Malte Köhn
  • Design Team
    Malte Köhn, Christian Raaby
  • Project Link

Music 1 is part of the Dynaudio Music family - an intelligent, high-end wireless music system.
Music 1 is a portable, compact, and punchy speaker, all wrapped up in a modest Danish design. It adapts seamlessly (and automatically) to any room or position thanks to the built-in RoomAdapt, so your music always sounds its best. Essential musical details will always be clear too, because of the integrated NoiseAdapt. It even gives you personalised playlists of all the music you love with Music Now.
All you need to do is press play, sit back, and enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dynaudio