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Country Pick 2018 / / Student

Other: The Menstrual Cup For Anyone With a Uterus

  • Lead Designer
    Mary Suttle
  • Design Team
    Mary Suttle
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Other is a menstrual product that does not assume gender identity of the person using it. Regardless how you identify: as a woman, man, neither, or other, the Other up is a new menstrual experience. The Other Cup is designed to minimize the interaction with menstrual fluid, both physically and visually. The Other Cup comes in a two cup pack. The Other Cup is inserted with an applicator, then opens to collect menstrual fluid once inserted, after twelve hours the cup is removed with the same reusable silicone applicator, the cup closes to seal the menses, and a new clean cup is inserted.

Photo Credit: Mary Suttle