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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional


  • Company
    AUBECQ France, France, Metropolitan
  • Lead Designer
    Tous les Trois design
  • Client
    AUBECQ France

The first impression and quality of material strikes you.
short handle, dual ply forged, and dual tech base.
Professionals all agree Protocole is definitely a new step forward.

Dual body Forged. 2 ply aluminum stainless steel. Dual body forged. 2 ply aluminum stainless steel. Inner ply stainless steel for its hardness and keep warm even at low temperature. Outside ply aluminum for immediate and even heat transfer.

Dual material base - Extra thick base for perfect heat transfer and durability.
Induction safe thanks to its dual alloy base.

Short handle for better maniability

Photo Credit: Aubecq France