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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Strainer & Mixing Bowl by TOOLS

  • Company
    Aubecq / Tools, France, Metropolitan
  • Lead Designer
    Stories Design Management
  • Client
    TOOLS by Aubecq

Tools innovation: a unique colander and mixing bowl

One product 2 possibilities.
Option 1: Open and move to straining function
Option 2: Close and enjoy a large airtight mixing bowl
Switch at 16°, perfect slope for mixing without effort

How it works
Strainer, twist the base to open the pouring function.
Mixing bowl, shut the base to make the bowl hermetic, then switch it down for mixing function. 16°, is the perfect slope for mixing without effort
Ergonomic handle for easy operation
Easy dismantling for cleaning

(diameter: 24 cm)

Photo Credit: Aubecq / Tools