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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

ARA fast plug Multisocket

  • Company
    Ànima Barcelona, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Diego Quiroga
  • Design Team
    Anima barcelona
  • Client

ARA is a fast plug multisocket that combines exterior shape in metal finishing and plastic inner module than can be changed in shape and plug configuration and also in color.
Minimized size of the plug reduced to 8 mm. It is slim enough that the furniture close to the wall is not interfered. What’s more, the minimized plug can also be plugged into multi-socket outlets without interfering with the neighbor outlets. Easy pulling-out. We innovatively used a slim, soft material sheet at the plug. The slim sheet is so elastic that it can be pulled out with the fingers are released

ÀNIMA Barcelona is a firm specialised in product design. Founded in Barcelona in 2002, we have an broad international experience. We collaborate in the design and development of new products for companies in different industrial sectors.

Other prizes
10 European Design Awards 2 Reddot 1 If design award 4 German design awards 2 SZIDF best of the best 4 Lighting Product Design Awards

Photo Credit: Ànima Barcelona