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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Manetos Smart Heating Family

  • Company
    Frank Etc. Ab, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Nikolaus Frank
  • Design Team
    Nikolaus Frank, Frank Etc., Industrial design; Cecilia Frank, Frank Etc., Graphic design; Ari Hakala, Cadland; Charlotta Holmqvist and Manetos team
  • Client
    Manetos Ab
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Nikolaus Frank

The heart of the house: advanced and adaptive temperature control system, supporting all types of modular heating. Sensors learns about the house, and accumulate information to save energy and improve comfort. Pictures show base unit, temperature units, extender units, Y-box, and mobile phone interface. Design work has been carried out with user studies and interviews, resulting in easily placed and easy to install equipment. RGB leds in the pulsing heart indicate system status and activity. Temperature units rely on e-paper displays for low energy consumption and clear, crisp graphics.

Multi-award winning designers who collaborate with companies of all shapes and sizes to create exceptional new products and design solutions with enduring value. Dedicated in their work and always determined to achieve the best possible outcome from any project brief, problem solvers, experienced in project management on all levels. Experience from a multitude of areas, with design projects carried out for more than 170 clients. A combination of industrial design, innovative product development, graphic design and visual identity that has led to more than 50 international design awards.

Other prizes
2018, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2018, Silver IDA Design Awards 2018, Honorable Mention IDA Design Awards 2018, Silver, European Product Design Award. 2018, Silver A'Design Award 2018, Bronze A'Design Award 2018, GREEN GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2017, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2017, Bronze, International Design Awards 2017, Silver A'Design Award 2016, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2016, Gold A'Design Award 2015, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2016, German Design Special Award 2015, Spark:Product Design, Finalist 2015, German Design Award, nominated 2014, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2014, German Design Award, 2 nominations 2013, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2012 GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2012 Spark:Pro Finalist. 2012 Spark:Concept Finalist. 2012, MA Prize – Green Dwelling Hon. Mention, Atlanta 2012, Spark:Concept Gold Award 2011, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2011, Spark: Pro Gold Award 2011, Outstanding Technology Innovation, Connected TV Awards 2010, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2010, CSI Award, Las Vegas 2009, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2007, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2005, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2004, 2 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards 2003, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2002, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2002, Excellent Swedish Design 2001, IDEA, Gold Award w. IDEO Prod. Dev., for Amtrak Acela High Speed Train 1999, Award of Excellence, LG Electronics Int. Design Competition 1998, GOOD DESIGN™ Exhibition 1997, Award of Excellence, LG Electronics Int. Design Compet. 1997, GOOD DESIGN™ Exhibition 1997, Finalist, 8th Int. Design Competition, Osaka 1996, GOOD DESIGN™ Exhibition 1995, Honorable Mention, LG Electronics Int. Design Compet. 1995, GOOD DESIGN™ Award 1995, Excellent Swedish Design 1995, iF Award for Good Industrial Design 1993, Excellent Swedish Design 1991, Prize winner, The 2:nd Design The Future Int. Compet., Tokyo 1990, Prize winner, Design for the future, Sweden 1990, Forma Finlandia int. design exhibition 1989, Prize winner, Yamaha Audio System Int. Design Competition 1989, First prize, New light over Stockholm 1986, First prize, Electrolux design competition

Photo Credit: Frank Etc. Ab
Credits: Nikolaus Frank