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Country Pick 2018 / / Student

Baby Friendly Bathroom Fitting Series Design

  • Lead Designer
    Miaoqiong Huang & Stan Shi
  • Design Team
    Stan Shi, Yi Teng Shih, Amarpreet Gill, Xiaogang Yang
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    University Of Nottingham Ningbo (idac + Hardvogue)

Normally, most bathrooms in the home don’t have a suitable height and platform for mothers to wash a baby. This design is to help mothers feel easy and comfortable during this process, add some small elements to benefit not only the normal use, but also the mothers. And ensure the space usage of other persons as well. The solution is to change the posture of mother bathing baby, that is place the baby in the basin and I design these three family series bathroom products—the ergonomic basin, the double use faucet, and the multi-use cabinet. These shapes are soft to produce comfortable feeling.

Photo Credit: Miaoqiong Huang & Stan Shi
Credits: University of Nottingham Ningbo (IDAC + HARDVOGUE)