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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Rim Reverse Industrial Movement

  • Company
    Mazzucatodesign , Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Simone Sergio Mazzucato
  • Design Team
    Simone Sergio Mazzucato
  • Client
    Mazzucatodesign Limited
  • Project Link

RIM: Reverse Industrial Movement, the twice and only reverse watch inspired by racing cars rims. Designed in Italy from the visionary pencil of Simone Mazzucato, it shows a really innovative perspective on conventions overcoming the concept of timepieces. Why choose when you can have everything? Time is driven by an automatic slim high frequency movement while the chronograph it is driven by quartz movement. Unlock the buckle, rotate the case and you’ll turn your life around with an outstanding sporty chronograph. A never experienced journey to the noblest Italian industrial design origins.

Photo Credit: Mazzucatodesign