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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

White Refinery WASTX Zero

  • Company
    Wolfram Design/engineering, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Sebastian Wolfram
  • Design Team
    Sebastian Wolfram, Steffen Göbel, Oliver Riedel
  • Client
    Biofabrik Technologies Gmbh
  • Project Link

Energy from plastic waste - recycling for a clean future!
The Biofabrik White Refinery produces fuel and electricity from plastic waste which up to now could not be processed at all, let alone in an economical manner. This will help the environment through preventing global pollution and people's growing need for energy in a constantly developing world. In contrast to colossal industrial sites, our compact pyrolysis can be used wherever waste occurs - in companies, communities and cities anywhere in the world. It can also function as a new income model for poorer regions and help them thrive.

Photo Credit: Wolfram Design/engineering