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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Mazor X

  • Company
    Taga, Israel
  • Lead Designer
    Taga Design Team
  • Client
    Mazor Robotics
  • Project Link

Mazor X is a revolutionary guidance system for spinal surgeries that uses a variety of technologies to prepare for, perform the procedure, and verify the results. It measures the spine and prepared a treatment plan. It simulates the anatomy and tools to be used to prepare accurate alignments. An arm mounted to the patient’s bones is used along with a 3D optical tracking camera to guide the tools accurately to their destination that verified by a 3D verification system
This innovative platform helps surgeons us be more precise, more efficient, and reduce the overall risk rate of spinal surgery

Taga is a leading product design and mechanical engineering firm from Israel, the Start-up Nation. Our teams designed and developed more than 1000 products in the areas of Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and Professional Equipment for companies worldwide. Taga’s customers include Medtronic, General Electric Healthcare, Flextronics, Lumenis, Sephora, Mazor Robotics, Roche, HumanEyes, ReWalk, and more.
Taga’s award-winning designs are produced and sold around the world and some of them presented a major breakthrough in their category, resulting in a significant business success.

Other prizes
Over the years, Taga has won over 50 awards by world's most known design awards- IDA, Red Dot, IF, EPDA, Core77, Good Design,CES Innovation Award, etc'

Photo Credit: Taga