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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Maxsym Tl

  • Company
    Nova Design Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Andreani, Pierangelo
  • Design Team
    Nova Design Team
  • Client
    San Yang Motor

SYM is proud to introduce the brand new top-of-the-range maxi scooter-TL1. This brand new model builds on super bike designs necessary for powerful performance, sufficiency and stability. With our innovative twin cylinder, TL1 provides an ultimate performance with a pleasurable steering behavior for riders. TL1 integrates the motifs of urban fashion and adventure sports for the pursuit of both fun and comfortable riding experience. Enriched with urban sleek and aggressive compact appearance; unique LED light set gives TL1 a remarkable and “easy-to-tell” SYM signature on the vehicle itself.

Photo Credit: Nova Design Co., Ltd.