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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Go E-Gate

  • Company
    Creativity Off Standard Sl, Andorra
  • Lead Designer
    Marc Samson

GO e-Gate
Intuitive & Secured Airport e-Gate

GO e-Gate is an innovative airport ticket control gate (e-Gate) allowing an intuitive flow for passengers, an improved level of security.
Improved Security through Design:
o The key element is to see what is going on in each e-gate line. The high metallic structure carrying a huge glass surface so that Security Staff can clearly see what is happening every second.
o In case of an attack or explosion, the gate offers protection.

Intuitive Flow of Travellers Through Design:
o Clear graphic design on the floor shows travellers what is expected f

Creativity Off Standard sl is in the field of creativity «Cross Tech Design» where I invent & Design new products, that do not yet exist, and from which there is a large market to be reached out. I also improve existing product Design to make them more efficient, user friendly, better or simply more desirable by their innovative Design. These innovative concepts and Designs are sold to businesses that will bring them to market worldwide, solving small and large problems of life.

«Cross Tech Design» is the art of reorganizing existing technologies from different fields towards new application

Other prizes
Winner of THE JAMES DYSON AWARD 2017 for Italy. Winner of 4 Silver Prizes at the EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2017. For a complete list of awards and to view the portfolio please visit www.creativityoffstandard.com .

Photo Credit: Creativity Off Standard Sl