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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional


  • Company
    Tektos Ecosystems Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Ryan Yeung
  • Design Team
    Tektos design team
  • Client
    Ibebot Limited

AirQuality is a Bluetooth wireless connected device that measures VOC/CO2, temperature and humidity in surrounding area. Itself being the hybrid of plant and science, AirQuality perfectly replica the relation of the plant and human. Inspired by the look of a plant, it 'inhales' the air and 'exhales' the real-time air quality information on the user's phone. Measuring a wide range of volatile organic compound (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity, AirQuality help users to make the right changes and live a healthier life.

Photo Credit: Tektos Ecosystems Ltd.