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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

niwa chair

  • Company
    Robby Cantarutti and Partners, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    robby cantarutti
  • Design Team
    all office
  • Client
    fast spa
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Simple Lines Make It Possible To Place It In The Most Diverse Situations The Shape Of The Object Wanted To Make The Object Almost Discounted But I Repeat Very Simple And Can Be Placed In The Various Contexts, A Play Of Shape And Molding Constraints Made A Chair With A Beautiful Personality Its Character Given By The Form And Material That Constitutes It

the project brief was: a chair / armchair with
simple lines that could be made of die-cast
peculiarity: comfort, lightness in its shapes.
solves the problem of external resistance,
since it is made of aluminum and with very
simple shapes the seat has a very high
resistance to atmospheric agents.
The comfort that has been studied in a very
profound way by a great advantage to the

Photo Credit: Robby Cantarutti And Partners
Credits: Simple lines make it possible to place it in the most diverse situations The shape of the object wanted to make the object almost discounted but I repeat very simple and can be placed in the various contexts, a play of shape and molding constraints made a chair with a beautiful personality Its character given by the form and material that constitutes it