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Universidad de Monterrey

The Universidad de Monterrey´s Roberto Garza Sada Center of Art, Architecture and Design presents itself as a welcoming space and, at the same time, as an architectural milestone, an access in the milieu of teaching and invention: a threshold to creation. We educate and train designers, artists, and architects who are capable of breaking paradigms and innovate in order to improve our quality. We strengthen students independence to make their own decisions and develop their sense of community, as well as their ethical standards toward any situation. The most distinguishing feature of Universidad de Monterrey´s students is that their professional training develops under the culture of work in the “Interdisciplinary Studio”, which is designed under two different schemes: personalized design studio and collective design studio. The learning-based model is thus realized. Students, with guidance from their advisors, will define their specific needs such as face-to-face or distance tutoring sessions, and independent research. This entire process will be based on institutional principles. Learning should be meaningful, collaborative, experience-based, “learning by doing” and by their own volition, on a permanent basis.